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Eminem – Infinite Full Album

December 3, 2013

Watch the video I link above, its a totally different rhyme scheme from “end rhyme”. Em generally relies on “inside rhymes”, where multiple words in a single sentence all rhyme(sometimes in Ems case the entire sentence). Historically most rappers make use of “end rhyme” which are pretty basic technique in comparison. Heres a really good article about it, Example of “End rhyme”
All the kids smoke reefer, I think it’d be cheaper/if I just got a job and learned to be a street sweeper/cause it’s all about money, ain’t a damn thing funny/you got go have a con in this land of milk and honey” The focus here is all on one word per bar here basically, Reefer-cheaper-sweeper ect. An inside rhyme will take 4-5 words

per sentence

and rhyme them with again, 4-5 words within the next sentence, rather than just focusing on the end word. edit looks like the video i linked above is no longer.. so hes another really similar video that focuses mainly on his rhyme scheme and technique with comparisons. skip to ~2:50min mark for the meat.

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