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Whenever armor rolls up on me in Battlefield 3

March 17, 2013

Whenever armor rolls up on me in Battlefield 3

When the map started I got right into a jet and flew right over to the enemy spawn (as close as I could before it would auto-kill me) and hid in a bush. Couple of tanks and choppers go RIGHT BY ME, and behind the tanks (who were probably like two inches from my head) some players were just running on foot, there was a jeep there too. I was recon. I draw a breath and decide it’s Rambo time. The first snipe I take out of the bush takes out the jeep driver which leaves the guy on the jeep gun confused, he started frantically shooting around in the opposite direction I was (squirrel, maybe?). I then get up and ninja some guy next to me with my knife, then quickly switch to my pistol and take out some guy right in front of him. At this point I was already pretty happy with myself. One of the tanks that just drove ahead of me turns around and decides he wants blood. He shoots and BARELY misses me, leaving me at around 20% life and blurred out, I run to the nearest rock, and I dive right behind it. Another guy comes over to the rock with his rifle, and he falls to my pistol. The tank then starts heading full speed towards to rock I was behind, and I jump on the rock and then jump on the tank as he hits the rock and shoots it at the same time. I was now down to 2% life, literally. I’m on top of the turret. The other tank comes right next to the tank I’m sitting on, and another two guys are shooting at me while I’m still on the turret. One guy shot an RPG round that flew right by my ear and barely missed. I’m still alive. At this point the enemy chopper that was flying above tries to get close to the ground right from right above me. I saw death. But… little did they know the guy I just killed near the rock with my pistol was a support and had C4. I picked it up when I killed him. I dropped all the C4’s on the tank’s turret, and then I dived right off of it, exploding the C4 midair. The explosion… Kills. Them. All. The tank’s turret blows up and flies straight up hitting the helicopter, who then crashes behind me as I calmly walk away, lighting my cigarette, before throwing the used detonator on the floor. … … … Okay, that didn’t actually happen. But it would be cool if it did, right?

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