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I love how ridiculous the story is in Playstation All-stars.

January 27, 2013

I love how ridiculous the story is in Playstation All-stars.

It has a launch roster of 20 (soon to be 22 in a few weeks (free DLC), with another additional 2 or more after that–coming to 24+ in a couple months) characters. Some of them iconic, some of them nostalgic, some of them relatively unknown in the larger gaming world. It is a 4-player mascot party brawler with items. The SSB likeness ends there. I always say that SSB feels more like a platformer stuck in a fighting game world while All-Stars feels more like a fighter stuck in a platform world arena (which is to say, All-Stars feels like a more conventional fighter). I’ve showed it to my closest circle of friends who really are just casual gamers and within a few rounds they’ve come to agree that they like it more than Smash Bros (save for 1 of them)–except nobody, including me, likes that the only way you can kill is with one of your supers or one of the items. No matter how much you can combo, counter, and chain the super attacks–most people feel like stage hazards, pit falls, and more items should be able to kill. All in all, it’s a fun game. The story’s are interesting and the main treat of them are the rival videos. The best part is the multiplayer; local or online. It’s held back from greatness by a few things, but it is really good and a blast.


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